New Hampshire AA District 9

Important reminder about the AA Hotline!
It’s important to have your group members resign-up for the AA Hotline list every 6 months!
The old lists are discarded and new ones needed.

Archive Chairperson is looking for the history of your group.
Please tell us when and how your group was formed.
You can email the information to AA District 9.

District 9 Meeting
7 PM First Monday of the month
Marion Garrish Community Center
39 W Broadway, Derry
Group Announcements/Needing Support

St. Christopher’s Church, East Road Hampstead, NH:
-Monday Night 5:30-6:30 Step Meeting (Men & Women) “Take a Step
-Wednesday Night 5:30-6:30 Big Book Meeting (Women) “The Sundowners

St Peters Episcopal Church, Mammoth Road Londonderry, NH:
-Tuesday Night 7:30-9:00 “A Vision For You

Londonderry Christian Church, Mammoth Road Londonderry, NH:
-Thursday Night 7:30-9:00 “Live And Let Live

Need Help?

Call the New Hampshire AA Hotline! 1-800-593-3330

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